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Ensure data continuity. Improve your website's performance. Adopt server-side tagging quickly and efficiently with us.

Server-side tracking or tagging – we use the term tracking here, but they are practically synonyms – is nowadays a hygiene factor for all companies that take digital marketing seriously. Ignoring it gives your competitors an advantage in terms of measurement in general, but also in different advertising channels simply because they have more and better conversion data available. We provide server-side tracking installations for your website quickly and easily. We specialize in ssGTM (server-side tagging via Google Tag Manager) on platforms such as Google Analytics 4, HubSpot, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ads.

1. Better conversion tracking

One of the benefits of server-side tracking is that your company can detect more conversions. By leveraging server-side capabilities, problems arising from ad blockers, browser privacy settings, or Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention can be solved.

Typically, server-side tracking can detect 20–40 % more conversions. This means you will have more accurate data for allocating your marketing budget to different actions.

2. Faster loading website

Another benefit is a faster website. Server-side tracking moves scripts from the client-side (browser) to the server-side. When fewer scripts are loaded in the browser, the website loads faster.

A fast website provides a better user experience, which is excellent for conversion optimization and organic search results (SEO).

3. Greater control over data management

The third benefit of server-side tracking is complete data management control. You retain control over what data is sent and where. On the client-side, individual users can manipulate data if they wish, but on the server-side, control remains with you.

When server-side tracking is combined with properly implemented cookie management, you can perform measurements accurately and in compliance with regulations (GDPR).

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