Trend overview

A marketing trend overview provides new ideas to support both content production and strategic planning

A trend overview refreshes thoughts and fuels creativity

Do you or your team need a new boost in your work? If ideas are going in circles and progress is slow, what you need is new inspiration. A trend overview workshop, showcasing global and local trends, is the perfect remedy against boredom – it’s like a shot of vitamin C directly into the veins of designers.

A trend overview is particularly suitable for spicing up the daily work of marketing and communication professionals, but it also provides valuable insights for those involved in long-term strategic work.

What does a trend overview consist of?

The trend overview led by Paper Planes is a refreshing 0.5–1 day workshop where trends from around the world are discussed. We use ready-made templates developed by the TrendWatching community – also favored by leading brands worldwide. The templates present both global megatrends and smaller niche phenomena and relate them to each other.

The trend overview workshop is tailored to your needs: to support daily content production, to bring joy and inspiration to your team, or to support strategic planning. The trend overview is quick and easy to implement, but guaranteed to be a rewarding workshop. It allows participants to reflect on their work and the global situation in an exciting way.

Why get a trend overview from Paper Planes?

At times planning or brainstorming produces just a bunch of ambitious notes and messy post-it notes – but ultimately no concrete action points. After the excitement of brainstorming fades, the thoughts can feel disconnected, obvious, or unrealistic to execute.

That’s not the case with us. We don’t believe in hollow ideation, but in (end) results. The ideas generated in trend overview workshops led by experienced strategists at Paper Planes can be further refined through additional workshops. If desired, we can accompany you throughout the entire journey from idea to publication.

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Anu Raitio-Huopaniemi