Social media strategy

Social media strategy summarizes what is to be achieved on social media, how these goals are met, and how success is measured.

What is a social media strategy?

For many companies, social media is one of the basic pillars of digital marketing. Social media channels offer a cost-effective way to reach target audiences and engage in targeted advertising.

To avoid social media activities becoming a wild goose chase, it’s a good idea to answer the questions of why, for whom, where, and what. Why are we on social media? To whom and on which channels do we communicate? What topics do we talk about and what kind of content do we create?

A social media strategy answers these questions. It is a plan that guides a company’s entire social media presence. A social media strategy summarizes what is aimed for on social media and how these goals can be achieved.

What is the benefit of a social media strategy?

Is a strategy always necessary for social media content production? Not necessarily. If the target audience is narrow and there are few channels, posts can also be published by trial and error. Seeing what works and what doesn’t, that is.

However, without a social media strategy, it can be difficult to justify why content is being produced for social media channels in the first place. How to prove the profitability of the work and justify the time and budget spent on social media?

A social media strategy gives purpose and direction to social media activities. It is based on the marketing strategy, which in turn stems from the company’s overall strategy. Therefore, a social media strategy ensures that social media marketing supports the business.

At the same time, content production becomes easier when themes and channel-specific concepts have been thought out for the content. A social media strategy helps create consistent and recognizable content that appeals to target audiences and fits social media channels.

The goals of the strategy

The first and perhaps most important step is to define the goals of social media, that is, why we are even on social media. Conducting a social media audit before starting the strategy work can help in setting the goals.

The goals answer the following questions:

  • Why are we on social media?
  • How does social media support our business?
  • What do we want to achieve on social media?


The content section of the social media strategy is a practical guide that helps in creating a social media calendar and generating post ideas. During this phase, we delve into channel-specific content as well as tone of voice and visual aspects.

The content phase answers the following questions:

  • What are the channel-specific contents like?
  • What is our visual identity?
  • Who speaks and with what tone of voice?


The commitment of the people in your organization is crucial for implementing the social media strategy. Therefore, the focus at the end of the strategy work is on culture: who is responsible for the social media channels and how is content produced?

The production section answers the following questions:

  • How often are publications made on each channel?
  • How and with what resources is the content produced?
  • What are the responsibilities and division of work?

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Anu Raitio-Huopaniemi