Website Current State Analysis

A current state analysis tells you how well the technical implementation of your website meets the demands of users, search engines and regulators.

How should I improve my website?

All marketing professionals have pondered this question. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer, we can start forming a solution through multiple shared variables.

These variables include GDPR, accessibility, analytics, performance, technology and SEO. If the technical implementation, content creation and maintenance of your site has not been perfectly executed, your site can’t reach its full potential. A current state analysis tells you the areas of your website that should be improved.

In a current state analysis, a Paper Planes expert analyses your website with technical tools. As a result, you’ll get a concrete plan for improvement. The plan reveals the weaknesses that are keeping your website from finding its audience and converting them into customers.

A 32-step plan for improvement

It doesn’t always take a complete website overhaul to improve the business results of a website. You can often easily improve your results just by getting the basics right.

Our current state analysis includes 32 different attributes that all affect the health of your website in the eyes of users, search engines or lawmakers.

Are your cookies set up correctly? How quickly does the site load on mobile and how could you speed up the loading time? How well can search engines crawl your site? You’ll get answers to these and 29 other questions.

Some issues may take a few clicks to solve, others may require long-term strategic work. Of course, we’ll advise you on which fixes to prioritize.

A current state analysis will usually be available within two weeks of placing the order. The price is determined by the size of your website, but it’s typically in the ballpark of a few thousand euros.

Ask us about the details, price and availability of a current state analysis

We’ll even show you what the 32 steps are beforehand.