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The most successful marketing stems from data-based insights. Web analytics tells you how to develop your marketing and whether it’s cost-effective.

Web analytics services provide valuable information to support decision-making

Marketing is most effective when it is based on measurable information. By utilizing data, we reduce the amount of guesswork and can act effectively. Since resources are always limited, it is worth focusing on those actions that produce the greatest impact.

At Paper Planes, we conduct both individual analyses (the most typical ones are presented below) and continuous optimization. The purpose of continuous optimization is to improve the existing website in such a way that it becomes a true sales powerhouse. We use metrics such as the number of leads generated by the website, search engine traffic, and social media shares.

We create measurement plans that support business goals for companies and ensure that web analytics setup produces high-quality data to support decision-making.


Web analytics audit

The website’s current state analysis provides a comprehensive picture of the current functionality of your web service and digital marketing, as well as a clear list of things that need to be corrected to achieve your goals.

The current state analysis utilizes web analytics and addresses both technical and qualitative aspects. With it, you will receive a concrete list of improvements that can be used to develop the current website or support the design of a new website.

The analysis ensures that you are measuring the right things. We check that the analytics and conversion tracking setup is done in a way that provides the most accurate picture of the website’s functionality. In addition, we delve into possible bottlenecks related to the website’s search engine visibility, accessibility, or technical performance. We also examine whether different traffic sources are measured correctly and if any areas need to be fixed.


Keyword research

The purpose of keyword research is to accurately identify search terms related to your company’s business.

Keyword research reveals what services and products your company’s customers are searching for and which keywords have the highest search volumes in search engines. Using the right keywords can increase traffic to your website and keep you up to date with market trends.

The result of the research is a prioritized keyword list that can be used in website content production, search engine optimization, and Google Ads advertising.

Carefully conducted keyword research is the cornerstone of search engine optimization and helps companies succeed in growing their business online.


Google Analytics and Tag Manager installations

With accurately installed analytics, you can track how your marketing campaigns perform and provide value for your money.

We take care of the installation of Google Analytics, usually utilizing the Tag Manager tool. By using Tag Manager, only one code snippet (container) is installed on the website, and all necessary scripts and tracking pixels are placed within this container.

We also assist in goal setting and can manage all Tag Manager-related tasks to ensure that tracking is correct and up to date. However, it is essential to us that the client company owns all the data in both Google Analytics and Tag Manager.

Therefore, the accounts are primarily created in the client’s name.


Google Looker Studio and real-time dashboards

For reporting, we recommend Google Looker Studio, where data is always available and can be shared between us and the client.

Looker Studio collects data from various sources (like Google Ads) into one dashboard view, and the numbers are updated in real-time. Looker Studio is a web-based service hosted by Google, and the dashboards are shared via links.

We have years of experience in building dashboards and can recommend the best KPI views for all areas (for example, channel-specific view, marketing and sales view, and management view).

In Looker Studio, data can be easily explored by dragging and dropping information into different places.

Looker Studio can bring together a wide range of data sources and analyze them side by side. For example, in addition to Google and Facebook, data from HubSpot, Adform, and Afrefs can be used and combined into the same dashboard.

If UTM parameters have been used in advertising, using Google Analytics as the data source is often sufficient, as it allows the traffic and conversions from different channels to be brought into one view. This makes it easy to compare efficiency by channel.

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