The most profitable actions are born from data-driven insights.

The efficiency of marketing should always be measured. By taking full advantage of data, we minimize guessing and achieve results. As resources are always limited, it is worth focusing on the actions that produce the biggest effect.

We conduct one-time analyses (the most common ones are presented below) as well as continuous optimization. Continuous optimization is about adjusting the current and future content to achieve the best possible results. The indicators we use to follow the impact are for example the traffic from search engines, leads from website, as well as social media shares.


Current state analysis

A current state analysis gives a comprehensive picture of your website’s and digital marketing’s efficiency at the moment. It presents an explicit list of things to be fixed in order to achieve set goals.

The analysis uses both technical and qualitative methods. The analysis provides you with a concrete fix list, which supports you in improving your current site as well as planning a new site.


Content audit

A content audit is the first phase of a successful content strategy process, and a good way to begin working with us. A concent audit studies the functionality of the company’s current content and is based on quantitative and qualitative methods.

In a content audit, all the existing content will be listed according to set criteria. The audit helps in discovering patterns within the content: What is the most popular content and why? What is the content like compared to the competitors’ content? Do we meet the needs of the most important buyer personas in different stages of the purchase path?

At the same time, the outdated and irrelevant content will be listed. The results of mapping work as a guideline for creating new content.


Keyword analysis

What kind of search terms do your customers use? How well do you rank with these search words and how could you improve your appearance in the results? Keyword analysis is about listing your most important keywords with the help of technology and identifying best themes to guide content production. A keyword analysis helps open your eyes to customers’ needs and helps shape the messages to be more customer-oriented.