Concept design

Concept design crystallises key messages into a story that speaks to the target audience, and can be translated into engaging content and memorable marketing.

What is a concept?

Concept is a word that has many meanings. At its simplest, it is a well-structured idea. A concept refers to a creative idea and a description of how the idea works in practice.

A concept combines strategy with everyday work. It is a content plan that encapsulates the core of the brand and its value proposition into content that appeals to the target audience.

Concepts are designed for various purposes. Most often, a concept refers to the core message and the slogan of a campaign, but it can also point to the overarching idea of a website or a replicable type of social media post.

Concept design can focus on promoting the sales of a product or service, as well as raising awareness about a topic or issue. A well-designed concept is recognizable and distinctive, and it is easily applicable to different digital marketing channels.

A good concept

  • Meets objectives
  • Is based on strategy
  • Clarifies core messages
  • Appeals to the target audience
  • Creates emotions and a story
  • Is easy to explain
  • Leaves a lasting impression
  • Helps in practical work
  • Is suitable for various channels
  • Can be utilized for a long time

Advertising concept

An advertising concept is necessary when you want to get noticed and provoke thought with a campaign. Concept design crystallises the core messages, story and look of a campaign. Based on them, a slogan is formulated, at times also a hashtag.

A good advertising concept appeals to the target audience and awakens emotions to accompany rational reasons. When the concept is clear, it also translates into the visual appearance and copy of the campaign. An inspiring advertising campaign often brings leads and increases sales.

An advertising concept is usually designed for one campaign, but the idea can of course be varied for many years to come.

Content concept

Useful and insightful content leaves a lasting impression, builds brand image, and engages customers. However, content production often needs to be supported by content concepts.

Content concepts are not individual blog posts or web pages, but broader themes from which multiple different content pieces can be created. An examples of this is a series of blog posts or a complete section of a website.

For example, “Five tips for TikTok advertising” is an idea, but “Weekly tips for social media” could be a concept. A content concept is therefore a content plan that creatively applies the company’s key themes to facilitate and speed up practical content production.

Keyword research is always utilized in the planning of content concepts. This ensures that those searching for the topic can find the content.

Concept design usually advances in five stages

  1. First, we define the goals and schedule of the concept design together.
  2. Then, we facilitate a workshop where we brainstorm main messages, perspectives, and creative ideas as a group. It is beneficial to have individuals from different departments of the company participate in the workshop.
  3. If necessary, we also conduct background research such as staff and target group surveys, content auditing, and listing of keywords.
  4. We will further develop the ideas from the workshop and the research, and refine them into a crystallized concept.
  5. After that, we plan the implementation of the concept, for example, as content or advertising.

Why get a concept from Paper Planes?

We provide everything you need for successful digital marketing. We help with both concept creation and implementation, all the way to materials that are visible to the customer.

The concepts we create are not pulled out of thin air but are always supported by data. Our team combines different competencies: we bring together keyword research, advertising analysis, and audience surveys to support creative concept design.

We work with you to create concepts that support the achievement of desired results, can be translated into captivating content, and stay in the minds of your target audience.

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