Wunder.io – Modular WordPress site works like a charm

We redeveloped digital agency Wunder’s website in close collaboration with the client. The beautiful site is now user-friendly and reflects the company’s new strategy. People at Wunder say that “the site works like a charm.”

Wunder is a digital agency that operates in three countries and employs over 130 experts. The company’s services include digital strategy development, concept and digital service design, analytics and software development, among others.

Wunder has renewed its sales, marketing and service strategy. As a result, its existing website no longer met the new needs. The goal was to make the new site more sales oriented and compatible with the increasing inbound marketing needs.

A WordPress site is easy to customize

With their own clients, Wunder uses tools such as Drupal, React and Elasticsearch. These tools are well suited for designing large, tailored web services with a microservice architecture, for example, but too heavy for building Wunder’s own site.

This is why Wunder had no qualms about opting for the easy-to-customize WordPress in their website redesign. They wanted to partner with an agency specializing in WordPress, and Paper Planes was chosen for the task.

Wunder was in charge of the concept, design and content of the website, while we concentrated on the technological aspects and project management. Our Senior Web Developer Juho Järvensivu worked together with Wunder’s designer to give the project its finishing touches. Juho received praise for his work prior to release and more than met Wunder’s expectations.

Accessibility in the spotlight

Wunder is a pioneer in accessibility, which is why it was given special attention in the project. The site’s accessibility was tested with a keyboard and a screen reader regularly throughout the project.

In a website context, accessibility guarantees good usability for users with special needs, too.

Building accessible sites is not hard, but it requires planning. Technical structure, the placement of functions, menus and texts, to-the-point headings and coherently built subject matters are among the key aspects of accessibility. Users should be able to browse the pages using assistive technology, such as a screen reader. Also, the menus should be completely navigable with a keyboard, for example, to include users who can’t use a mouse.

As being easy to use is one of the main aspects of accessibility, it serves the average users just as well as the users with special needs. Accessibility also improves website visibility, as search engines prioritize accessible sites.

Seamless collaboration achieves results

Outsourcing the web development of the site to Paper Planes accelerated the project and freed Wunder’s developers to concentrate on client work. Slack, Trello and regular meetings guaranteed a smooth collaboration. Careful planning and first-class implementation resulted in an accessible website that is consistent with Wunder’s new brand and easy to further develop with versatile content modules.

Using WordPress for website redesign enables addressing future needs flexibly, and we started the continuous development of the site instantly after it was published. In addition to the expansion and optimization of the site structure, we’ve already improved accessibility and performance. The next areas for improvement will be chosen based on analytics, user experience and business needs.

Further development still continues in close collaboration with Wunder’s experts, and there’s no doubt it will go as smoothly as the first part of our project. We’re eagerly anticipating the brilliant results the further development will achieve.