Properta – Impressive WordPress site supports brand development

We built Properta a website that reflects the company’s new brand identity. The result is a visually impressive WordPress site that showcases the company’s international standards while being easy to use and update.

Showing the new brand identity

Properta is a Finnish law firm specializing in intellectual property and real estate law. Several of the company’s attorneys have received international acclaim for their expertise.

Properta started their collaboration with Paper Planes when their new brand identity required a website redesign. The original site was built in-house when the company was founded, and it no longer reflected the new brand.

Properta wanted the website to have a clear and elegant visual identity. They also wanted the new site to stand out from traditional law firm sites, which are predominantly white. In terms of subject matter, the goal was to exhibit the company’s employees and their areas of expertise. In addition, the features of the site had to be first-class and user-friendly.

Visually impressive WordPress site delivers

Properta’s new brand guidelines and reference points gave us a starting point for the visual identity of the site. The client wanted the site to have repeating patterns and strong colors that are consistent with the new brand identity. We helped them to find a style that incorporates the desired elements on the website in an elegant and consistent manner. We also revised the text content, so it fits seamlessly in the new visual identity and the layouts.

The site was built on WordPress, which Properta was already familiar with. As a new element, we used WordPress’s Gutenberg content editor. Gutenberg utilizes blocks for the flexible creation of content and websites.

The result is a functional and flexible site

The smooth collaboration resulted in a high-quality and easy-to-use website that reflects the new brand and the international standards of the law firm. Properta was impressed with how fast and accurately we were able to realize their vision.

Compared to the earlier website, the new site is a technological improvement in almost every area. Loading time and accessibility are significantly better. The modular structure of the Gutenberg content editor and the content blocks customized for Properta allow them to both create new content and pages and to edit old ones easily and efficiently. Especially articles and blogs are now efficient to write.

New projects ahead

Mutual trust allowed us to make bold and creative decisions and ensured an efficient website redesign process. We received clear briefings that included both the technical and visual demands, which gave our developers and visual designers a strong foundation to build on.

The successful and efficient collaboration will continue with the visual design of Properta’s marketing material.