Oikotie – Brand strategy project turned into long-term partnership

Oikotie is one of the leading Finnish classified ad services. Their services include real estate, car, and job ads. Our partnership has covered many communications and marketing projects, from strategy work to daily content production. Oikotie is part of Sanoma Digital Finland.

Clear direction through brand strategy

Our partnership with Oikotie started with an organization-wide brand strategy development project. The goal was to bring Oikotie’s business units closer together and tighten internal collaboration. The other goals of the project were to highlight the unique qualities of Oikotie’s services and to get a better understanding of Oikotie’s customers and their needs.

Content strategy for Oikotie Asunnot

After the organization-wide brand strategy work was done, the focus of our cooperation shifted towards Oikotie Asunnot (Oikotie’s real estate service). The content production of the service called for a clear and more organized direction. The content practices in place had not brought in sufficient site traffic.

Together with the client, we created a content strategy to better serve both the customers and the content team of Oikotie Asunnot. We helped them deploy new ways of working and find content angles that better serve the goals of Oikotie Asunnot. For instance, we shifted the content focus from interior decoration towards a more neighborhood and real estate transaction-oriented approach. Our content production efforts for Oikotie Asunnot have included extensive guides on real estate sales and renting as well as data-based articles on housing phenomena.

Better results with data-driven approach

Once we had shifted towards continuous collaboration, we had the chance to really implement the strategy we had created together. The Oikotie Asunnot website and the content production processes were refined based on data.

We started to create new content for Oikotie’s digital channels on a weekly basis. A content calendar guided our daily actions and made the planning of new content easier. Through our monthly reports, we identified key points to address and successfully increased organic site traffic and reduced bounce rate. Analyzing and measuring content and actions are our guiding light.

Agile way of working requires communication

Smooth communication is the core of a good partnership. Regular meetings, a shared content calendar, and communication, for example on Slack, make it possible for both teams to react quickly and flexibly in a fast-paced environment. In the most fruitful collaborations, an external marketing partner is an inseparable part of the client’s own team. This has been exactly the case with Oikotie.