Nortal’s website was created through seamless collaboration

Nortal needed an impressive website that would provide added impetus to its brand renewal. And they needed it fast. The result is a contemporary, visually distinctive WordPress site that is easy to use and modify.

The goal: create a website in line with the refreshed brand

As an international company digitalizing the public sector in Finland and abroad, Nortal is building a more seamless society for citizens by streamlining information technology processes.

Nortal wanted to renew its brand image and website to reflect its global presence. The goal? To create a world-class brand and website, attracting customers and supporting sales. The site needed to be user-friendly and optimized for search engines and mobile devices.

A tight schedule required seamless collaboration

The renewal revamped the entire site and brand. The project encompassed three key components: Paper Planes’ information architecture and wireframes, Bond’s brand identity and visual appearance, and Paper Planes’ technical implementation and publishing. The project needed to be completed in just three months.

A tight schedule required clear division between tasks to be executed during the project and those earmarkedfor further development. Additionally, robust project management and seamless collaboration with the client and the branding agency was essential.

Decisions had to be made quickly. For example, one week was allocated for the approval of the information architecture and three weeks for the wireframes. Once the visual identity was confirmed, the technical implementation was quickly completed, and the pages were published on schedule.

The result: a visually impressive WordPress site

Through close cooperation, a WordPress site was created that encapsulates the new brand and mirrors Nortal’s international scope and commitment to building a seamless society.

Compared to the previous site, the new site is a major technical advancement. Loading speed, mobile optimization, and SEO have significantly improved. The modular structure makes it easy to update content.

Implementing the website redesign with WordPress allows for agile further development according to future needs. Our successful collaboration has convinced Nortal to continue developing the website with us as a monthly service. The partnership has been bolstered through additional projects, such as HubSpot implementation and the transition to HubSpot forms.

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