LeadDesk – International growth with efficient digital marketing

LeadDesk is a Finnish, Nasdaq First North listed SaaS company that develops a cloud service for successful sales and customer service teams. A high-quality product and effective sales have allowed the company to expand fast from Finland to the Nordic countries and Central and South Europe.


Ambitious growth strategy based on leads

LeadDesk’s ambitious growth strategy is based on a steady flow of leads. Data-driven search engine and content marketing have supported LeadDesk’s cost-efficient international growth.

The company has seen double-digit growth in recent years, with plans for fast international growth in the future, too. LeadDesk has also supported its organic growth with acquisitions.

Cost-efficient organic growth in many countries simultaneously requires highly targeted marketing processes that effectively support sales. To increase the number of high-quality leads for a lower price, LeadDesk started a marketing partnership with Paper Planes.

Search engine marketing and targeted content bring synergies

LeadDesk’s growth strategy requires marketing efforts on many fronts at the same time. To keep the overall marketing budget reasonable, it was crucial to target exactly the right people and make digital marketing measurable in real time.

LeadDesk took our advice and created a tight integration between sales and marketing systems and tools. Now the company has real-time visibility into the performance of its sales and marketing efforts.

From 2018 to 2022, we have continuously optimized LeadDesk’s search engine marketing to find the most potential customers in each market. The steady flow of quality leads has supported LeadDesk in expanding to new international markets.

To support the targeted search engine marketing, we created search engine friendly content for LeadDesk’s website. We ensured the relevance of the content with keyword research.

Blogs, guides and service pages that fulfil customer needs both improve search engine visibility and bring potential customers to LeadDesk’s services.

Versatile service, brand and investor communications

Besides with digital marketing, we have supported LeadDesk in crafting their key messages for various communications purposes.

We have supported LeadDesk’s management in internal and investor communications. In product and brand communications, we have also developed messages for new products, features and large campaigns.

Long-term, data-based marketing enables international growth

LeadDesk has grown significantly, especially internationally, during our partnership. As the company has expanded, the marketing team has also grown in size and scope.

Focusing on long-term and data-based processes has made LeadDesk’s search engine marketing very cost efficient and the company’s content marketing organized and effective.

System integrations have aligned LeadDesk’s marketing and sales. Reports show that our marketing efforts have both increased the number of leads and lowered lead price. Tight integrations have also improved LeadDesk’s visibility into the market situation and reaction time when changes are needed.

Shared ambition drives us forward

Transparency and mutual trust have been key in expanding our collaboration. LeadDesk’s own marketing expertise has ensured that our efforts always support the company in achieving their strategic goals. This open dialog has allowed us to create a versatile and real-time marketing operation.

The results we have achieved together bring us joy and validate the choices we have made. LeadDesk’s fast growth enables the creation of more ambitious marketing campaigns and processes. Our long and tight collaboration is a constant reminder of the hunger that drives both companies to grow and improve.