Caverion – Increasing awareness with versatile inbound marketing

We’ve supported and accelerated Caverion Suomi’s marketing since October 2017. Through strategic marketing management consulting, systematic content production and efficient marketing technology, we have built their brand awareness, improved customer experience and increased the number of leads.

Caverion produces smart technical solutions and services for real estate, industrial processes and infrastructure, in order to achieve carbon neutrality. The main goal of Caverion’s marketing is to improve the awareness of their vast service offerings and the company’s market positioning. Simultaneously we aim to improve the number and quality of leads.

From creating content culture to lead refinement

We started our cooperation with the strategic consulting of Caverion’s marketing management, from where we moved towards systematic and continuous content marketing. In addition, we mapped tools as part of the process and digital ecosystem. The aim was to include a wide range of experts in the content production, from product development to sales. Simultaneously we started to utilize data in marketing more systematically.

Content production started by us facilitating several workshops of different scopes with Caverion, where we defined the needs of content production and the target audiences. The workshops guaranteed that the customer needs and Caverion’s message are in line in their marketing. After the workshops, we started to build a release schedule for content production to make sure the right content reaches the right people at the right time.

Caverion’s experts provided strong input in the interviews. Based on these expert interviews we started producing blogs, lead magnets and videos along with material to support the sales team.

Another emphasis of marketing was collecting marketing data into a format that would benefit both the marketing and sales teams. We set up HubSpot for collecting and refining leads. This allows the precise observation of the marketing and sales numbers. Since then, Caverion has switched to Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, and we are helping them operate the inbound ecosystem with Dynamics.

The cooperation of sales and marketing has been improved by e.g. participating in developing both the digital and traditional sales materials. Since they can make use of these more impressive materials, Caverion’s sales team is now able to take customer needs into consideration more holistically.

Besides continuous content marketing, we’ve helped Caverion to refine more effective stories of their new services and concepts. These stories have been published and presented in landing pages, videos as well as keynote presentations.

Improved customer experience, stronger brand

The systematic content culture has increased the awareness and improved the customer experience of both Caverion’s brand and service offering.

As a result of our cooperation, the number of Caverion’s monthly contact requests has seen a double-digit growth. Also contacting the leads is easier, thanks to HubSpot and the growing role of marketing inhouse.

Close-knit cooperation as the key to success

Paper Planes is happy to be a partner in developing Caverion’s operations. Our cooperation has always been close-knit and, from day one, it has been marked by mutual trust.

The cornerstones of this versatile and multiphase process have been high standards, openness and a holistic approach to inbound marketing. We’re perpetually developing both our ways to cooperate and the materials born out of our work together.

Caverion’s passionate attitude towards our mutual projects has had an integral, improving impact on Paper Planes’s processes and customer relations.

Our highly productive cooperation continues to be diverse and transforms seamlessly according to the customer’s strategic needs.