Vello – A versatile website with HubSpot

Vello’s website needed a redesign because the lack of a content management system made adding and formatting content difficult. HubSpot CMS makes content management effortless and integrates seamlessly with sales and marketing automation.

From a hard-coded site to a modern CMS solution

Vello is a Finnish company that offers online booking and payment services to businesses in the beauty and fitness industries, as well as healthcare professionals.

As Vello’s old site was hard-coded, web pages, copy and images had to be added directly into the HTML files. This made updating the site and adding new elements difficult compared to a CMS-based solution. We built Vello a new website that’s easy to use and flexible and has a high-quality technical implementation.

Cooperation and problem-solving

The original plan was to build the new website on WordPress, but we eventually decided on HubSpot. Vello already used HubSpot as a sales and marketing tool, so it made sense to put HubSpot CMS into use as well.

Vello oversaw the graphic design and content for the new site, while we took care of the technical implementation. We were also in charge of managing the overall website redesign project and quality assurance.

The collaboration with the Vello team went smoothly. We stayed in touch at every stage of the project, which helped us solve both big and small issues quickly. Project milestones were covered in status check meetings as needed.

We supplemented HubSpot’s in-built features with solutions tailored to Vello’s needs. For example, the main navigation for the site was built separately from HubSpot.

A HubSpot-based site supports sales and marketing targets

The new Vello website is managed via the easy-to-use HubSpot interface, without the need to touch the site’s code. We designed and built a collection of tailored content modules that can be used to flexibly create different kinds of pages for the site. The modules make it easier and faster to add custom pages and content to the site. A module-based CMS solution also guarantees that the website will not require a complete overhaul to adapt to Vello’s future needs.

Using the HubSpot CMS comprehensively supports sales and marketing at Vello. As a content management system, HubSpot is at its best when the website, customer data and all sales and marketing materials are stored in the same system. This makes it easy to, for example, create reports of the customer journeys in the marketing funnel, from the first website visit to a contact and a closed deal. Website user behavior data, in turn, supports the further development of the website, since it’s easy to identify how different sections work.

Teamwork key to a successful project

When the website development project was finished on our end, Vello continued to add content to the site.

The key to success was seamless teamwork among everyone who participated. Credit is also due to the Vello team for their skill and ambition, which made the website redesign project a joy to participate in.