Sympa – Timeless website development with a modular WordPress solution

Sympa’s fast growth requires a website that adapts smoothly to their changing requirements. The visual appearance of the modular WordPress site can be modified without rebuilding the entire site.

Collaboration since 2017

Founded in 2005, Sympa is a fast-growing Finnish family business whose cloud-based HR system has over 1,000 customer organizations in over 100 countries.

Our collaboration began in 2017 with a brand-new Sympa website. We built the site on WordPress using content modules. We were also involved in developing the visual identity and content strategy for the site.

The Sympa website has grown with the company and adapted to the company’s changing needs. The site is available in seven languages, which makes it especially important that the site is easy to modify. Over the years, we have implemented two visual updates that use the original site as a base.

Flexibility with a modular site

The website is still based on the original, modular WordPress build. We have added on more modules as needed, but the basics of the site have remained the same. This has allowed efficient updates to the visual appearance.

The Sympa site has a lot of content in multiple languages, but, thanks to the modular solution, the site’s visuals can be updated without having to modify the content itself. Modules also make the site scalable: new tailor-made pages can be built and content can be added easily.

We used HubSpot to create the forms and the helpful chatbot that greets customers on the site. This helps streamline the work of sales and marketing.

A fresh new look and new functionalities

The latest website project started with a refresh of Sympa’s visual branding.  The look of the new website was developed together with Sympa. They provided the original layout to which we designed some extra elements. To add a playful touch to the new site, we broke up the boxy structure of the site. New, animated visual elements support the fresh new Sympa brand and make scrolling through the site more fun.

As Sympa has grown, the site has also faced demands for new functionalities. We added new dynamic sections to the site, such as a Careers page that gathers job postings from the Recruitee API and shows in the open positions section. There’s also a new Events page where users can filter events and webinar recordings based on their interests.

The modular implementation once again made this site redesign very efficient. The foundation stayed the same, but the look and feel of the site is fresh and new.

Smooth user experience

The Sympa site is a great example of why we are big fans of content modules when building WordPress sites. A module-based site can be a good long-term investment because it grows together with your business and the appearance can be updated easily. Thanks to the modules, site updates have become much more efficient compared to building a completely new site from scratch.

The biggest challenge, and also the biggest win, has been maintaining a coherent visual look while updating Sympa’s website. Our main goal is always to provide website visitors with the best possible user experience.