Precisely – Search engine visibility with a new WordPress website

Precisely’s new WordPress site is optimized for SEO and easy to manage. WordPress content blocks and thorough SEO research have made the new site a success.

New website for the contract management service

Precisely is a contract management platform that streamlines the work of legal departments and contract creation with the help of automation. With Precisely, the creation of contracts, e-signing and archiving happen effortlessly on one platform.

To complement their new brand, Precisely needed a new website. In addition to visual design, the technical execution of the site needed revamping.

We wanted a new site that was easier to manage and built in a more sustainable way. Paper Planes understood our wishes quickly and used their expertise to suggest solutions that are right for us.

Nora Laakso, Head of Marketing Operations, Precisely

With the new site, Precisely also hoped to pay special attention to search engine optimization. The website domain was changed during the site renewal, so it was crucial to improve and ensure the site’s search engine visibility.

Modern website development with content blocks

Our role in the project was to take care of the technical execution of the new website based on the new brand and layout examples. Together with the design agency, we reviewed the layout from a technical quality assurance point of view and ensured that the look of the new website was aligned with the brand.

The old Precisely site used the Elementor website builder, which we decided against at the start of the renewal project. New content blocks were created using the WordPress Gutenberg editor and the Advanced Custom Fields expansion. The site utilizes several layout variations within the content blocks to keep the number of blocks manageable. For example, there are several different layouts for the hero block that can be switched around to add visual variety to the pages.

Search engine visibility with the right solutions

Changing the website domain also required an extensive website redirection as part of the technical execution. We implemented a 301 redirection in close cooperation with Precisely, and ensured that the search engine visibility and usability of the site didn’t suffer when moving to the new domain.

We also carried out an SEO check at the beginning of the project to validate the quality of previous SEO research. The SEO check provided the tools for paying even closer attention to search engine visibility in the future.

The performance of the site is also validated by well-organized analytics. During the initial project, we implemented a limited analytics transfer that has been modified during further development to better suit Precisely’s needs.

Changing the domain, paying attention to SEO and fixing the analytics have made it possible for us to start new projects that boost our growth.

Nora Laakso, Head of Marketing Operations, Precisely

Tight schedule = intense cooperation

The project proceeded on a tight schedule, as the new website was to be launched simultaneously with the new brand design. The schedule demanded strict prioritization and clear deadlines when it came to, for example, new website content and final-stage testing. Open and timely communication was especially important in to ensure deadlines were met. We coordinated the progress of the project on Slack and Trello, as well as regular meetings via Teams.

All of this also required a clear consensus about what to include in the original project scope and what to leave for further development. A tight schedule required quick decision-making as surprises came up and circumstances changed. Communication and mutual trust were key factors in the success of the project, and it was a pleasure to work together as a team.

Further development validates the changes

Our cooperation has continued in the form of further development, which we have been carrying out as needed. We’ve added new functionalities, fine-tuned stylizations and refined existing elements to serve the site even better.

We have also supported the further development of the site’s analytics with both consultation and practical work. Once the new website has been in operation for six months, we will do a comparison with data taken from the old site. With the help of this comparison data, we’ll be able to validate the performance of the current SEO measures and examine the results.

As a B2B SaaS company, the website is at the core of what we do. Thanks to the new site, we have everything we need to serve our customers without roadblocks and technical restrictions. Cooperation with Paper Planes was very smooth and flexible, and we were able to feel confident about the project even during busy moments.

Nora Laakso, Head of Marketing Operations, Precisely