Why should you invest in a website project?

You can get an ok website for a cheap price but building a top site that drives growth requires working hours, professionals capable of teamwork, and a genuine understanding of client needs. In addition to good technical features, a top site requires content, design, and analytics that all work in tandem with the technical side.

Making the site adaptable from the start

A site that works is a site that is easy to use. It benefits all admins if there is no need to use a web developer when making textual changes on the site.

At Paper Planes, we favor WordPress, which is an open-source content management system. It’s easy to use and adaptable. Globally, almost one third of all websites use WordPress.

When you start building a website using WordPress, there are some things to consider:

  • What are the company’s current needs for the website?
  • What kind of needs might the future, growth, and development create?

Content modules and combining them gives you an infinite number of templates to use for different purposes. This gives you the chance to consider future scenarios and growth strategy already when designing the site. Creating new modules in the future is fairly fast and doesn’t require major changes to the site.

Using WordPress, you’ll get all the essential content on the site in accordance with brand guidelines. Taking the easy way out and using default themes is usually not the best choice aesthetically and may force you to make decisions that dilute your brand’s visual identity. A default theme might not be able to reflect a carefully refined brand image, which can result in unwelcome compromises in the layout. A WordPress site built with care wraps all the information essential to the user in a stylish package that can be adjusted to fit your brand.

What is the role of content in website redesign? Read what our Art Director Essi says.

Default themes and the illusion of ease

Why build something new when there are ready-made solutions available? In the process of building a new website, a default theme may seem like a decent choice, especially due to price and convenience. When it comes to building a brand, however, default themes are not a good long-term solution. As the company grows, so do the requirements for the website, which often gives the first impression of your company. The further development of a site that uses a default theme might prove challenging, even unprofitable.

In the worst-case scenario, a clumsy default theme can develop into an information security risk. When you update the default theme to a new version, the extensions’ updates may have stopped or the extensions may just be incompatible with the new version. This could result in simply not updating the theme at all, thus causing a potential security threat.

A website is worth a thousand words

Let’s be frank, a well-designed and carefully built website gives an air of professionalism. This, in turn, brings the company RFPs, or in other words, money. The initial investment in a smoothly working and visually streamlined website and its content might seem big, but the investment will repay itself.

Good content strengthens the thought leadership and expert status of the company. Search engine optimization drives organic traffic to your website and gets you potential leads that might turn into customers. Furthermore, HubSpot integration reduces manual work by adding RFPs straight to your CRM from the website.

This is why Paper Planes swears by the holy trinity of technology, design, and content. By having content, graphic design, analytics, and web development professionals all working together, it’s possible to create functional, beautiful, and growth-driving websites.

When you buy your website redesign project from a reliable digital agency, you will not be left in the dark wondering how your website is doing. Our projects include regular status updates, so you will always know how the project progresses. We will also include you in the design and problem solving processes. When the website is ready to be launched, we will not disappear. We will instruct you in using the site, develop it further with you, and administrate it.

Are you in need of a website redesign? Contact Ville and we will see how to get your website yield ten times better results.