The Shoemaker’s Children Rejoice

Well planned is still completely undone. We founded Paper Planes a little over a year ago because we had faith in our expertise and the power of content. At the same time, we thought that it would take time for paper wings to gain traction. We meant to use that time to create our own content, so that we could show off our skills. But we thought wrong.

From the very start, we have been completely engrossed in working with clients. It’s a wonderful situation. We’ve had the chance to grow safely and productively. Our first year has been a fantastic experience and the outlook for our second is nothing short of exhilarating.

So far, we have flown under the radar and stealthily grown into one of the premier content agencies in Finland. It’s time people heard from us. We no longer want to joke about the shoemaker’s children having no shoes. That’s why we are publishing our new website and launching the Paper Planes blog.

In our blog you will find posts by our employees on marketing, creativity, work and other interesting topics. Stemming from our experience, we want to share stories on how creativity and technology are linked together in the increasingly complicated and fruitful field of marketing that constantly creates something new. We want to talk about interesting topics in a personal, clear, timeless and practical way. We want to offer thoughts that inspire and help the marketers in this country. Welcome aboard.