Looking for the right person for the job – Do you know your candidates?

When the summer holiday season is nearing its end, people tend to start looking at their job with a critical eye. They start polishing their CVs and browsing job ads. For many companies, the end of summer is also the beginning of a new recruitment season and thus presents a great opportunity to think about how the company looks like in the eyes of job seekers. Finding the right person for the job can prove difficult without well-targeted communication.

What drives your dream candidate?

Looking for the right person for a great team!” Sounds wonderful, but who is that right person, the standout candidate for the job? Inside a company and its branches there can be employees who fit very different candidate profiles. It’s impossible to create efficient recruitment communication and content without knowing the target audience. Identifying your dream candidate and understanding their mindset is the key to successful candidate communication, and, consequently, to successful recruitment.

Creating candidate profiles for candidate targeting purposes is a good way to clarify the company’s and team’s vision of a dream employee. The process of creating candidate profiles should involve both experts and newbies from the hiring business unit – this ensures the profiles are as accurate as possible.

Rather than creating strict boundaries regarding what your future staff should be like, candidate profiles work towards identifying shared values. The profiles are a tool for planning and targeting candidates with the right kind of content, at the right place, at the right time.

Content for just the right person

When the profiles are in order, it’s easy to use them to plan and create content that speaks to your dream candidates. Haphazard communication with unclear targeting is simply inefficient. With the right targeting, the results are significantly better, also in candidate communication.
Five well-suited candidates applying for the job beat 70 unsuited ones anytime.

Producing content for employer branding purposes may seem like a lot of effort, but a successful recruitment repays the work hours spent with the content.

A real-life example of this is when a team leader responsible for a recruitment came to me astonished of how many people applying for the job referred to the career stories on the company website. Many candidates had mentioned they had read the stories and only then decided to apply.

Genuine is not the opposite of well-planned

Genuineness and transparency are important values that also play an important role in employer branding. Being genuine, however, often gets mistaken for not planned. The best results require creating schedules and sticking to long-term plans, from strategy to publishing. Well-planned communication is the core the best spontaneous stories are then built around.

Ideally, employer branding and content not only attract new candidates but also make employees already working at the company more committed. Good content inspires people to get more involved and recommend the company to their own networks. A global recruitment campaign of one of our customers is a prime example of this. In addition to getting new candidates interested in the company, the campaign got many employees to express how much they appreciated their workplace.

Systematic work instead of gimmicks

Ultimately employer branding is not about gimmicks and definitely not about pretending to be something you’re not. False pretenses always shine through. Planning employer branding and candidate communication requires systematic work and should always be directly linked to the company strategy. Consequently, it should be treated the same way as any other business unit: you need to set goals, allocate time to understanding the mindset of the target audience, create content that speaks to the values of that target audience, and use data to measure the impact.


Have you thought about your company’s employer image? We can help you create the strategies, campaigns, and content that make sure your dream candidates head your way.