Introducing Suvi Pietikäinen: From black metal to planning digital marketing

Digital Marketing Planner Suvi has had a diverse career path that has taken her from a big corporation to multiple agencies before arriving at Paper Planes. Doing result-oriented and creative marketing in a good group of people is what makes her tick. Read what multitalented Suvi and her job are all about and learn, for example, how machine-learning is changing social media marketing.

What do I do at Paper Planes?

I plan search engine, social media and display marketing for our clients, among other things. In my work I use many platforms from Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and LinkedIn.

Today successful marketing requires data analytics, which is why a big part of my job is to use existing data to plan marketing actions. It’s also important to track the impact of those actions in real time and react fast if changes are required.

Marketing plans and reporting are done in tight cooperation with the client, so there is a strong customer service element in my work as well.

I started at Paper Planes in early 2019, and in less than a year the team has already grown in number. At the same time, my job description has expanded together with the business and new clients.

What does it take to be a digital marketing planner?

The job description of a digital marketing planner is very broad, and there is plenty of room to specialize in different areas from search engine marketing to social media. There are, however, a few prerequisites that are a must:

  • A hands-on approach and ability to make decisions fast, even in tight situations
  • Initiative and ability to work both independently and as a team
  • Customer service orientation
  • Data-driven approach
  • Ability to see the client’s potential and the hard facts and courage to voice your opinions.

Paper Planes has a low hierarchy, so everyone is encouraged to take responsibility both in their own work and in client relations.

The best aspects of my work

The versatility of my working days keeps things interesting. The clients come from various lines of business, and their needs can differ considerably. In most marketing projects I get to do strategic planning as well as implementation.

Along with familiarizing yourself with the clients and their business, working as a digital marketing planner ensures that you keep up with what happens in marketing and the world in general. Marketing follows the trends of society, so you have ringside seats to social change.

“In most marketing projects I get to do strategic planning as well as implementation.”

The Paper Planes family has turned out to be superb in terms of both team spirit and expertise. Days have a nice flow when there’s enough bad humor and the team creates an air of inclusiveness. Professionally speaking, my colleagues often help me out in my own area of expertise. It’s an essential part of the Paper Planes spirit to learn from your colleagues in all departments and spread your knowledge across the organization.

“Marketing follows the trends of society, so you have ringside seats to social change.”

The future horizons of my job

The role of data in marketing will grow in the future, which will increase the demand for data-oriented digital marketing planners. Data will make it possible to personalize ads more accurately for different target groups.

Also, machine-learning will become a more and more natural part of marketing processes. Machine-learning will automate many processes that have traditionally been manual, which will allow digital marketing planners to concentrate more on strategy and the big picture.

In my spare time I enjoy

My spare time couldn’t be further from my digital working life. I live in Sipoo (less than an hour from Helsinki) where there are no streetlights. I love nature, and me and my three dogs are a familiar sight on the trails of Sipoo.

My favorite hobby

I recently switched from roller derby to handball, which I play in the second division. I also do horseback riding at a nearby stable. Sweating it out is a good way to find peace of mind and keep your muscles healthy.

Something you would never guess about me

Black metal is a digital marketing planner’s best friend. I grew up listening to it and still do. From time to time I try something else, but going back to black always feels like coming home.